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Bridge brake - FCMM/002
Bridge brake - FCMM/002

Bridge brake

Reference FCMM/002

The system FCMM/002. Bridge Brake is a web tension corrector that it's mounted between the guiding system (for instance the ACS/002/ES Web Aligner) and the pre-heated system.

 The system can be equipped with load cells that are mounted on the measuring cylinder. Optional.

 The bridge brake measures the natural web tension of the respective web, which varies by the friction on the bridge, by machine speed variations or by paper weight changes. The electronic system compares the values obtained from the measurement with the pre-set target value, modifying the pressure (brake) to get the pre-assigned value.

 Different pre-set target values can be defined by the operator depending on the production qualities required.

 All web tension fluctuations occurring upstream of the system that are caused from web speed changes, order changes, weight changes or looping position will be compensated by the Brake.

 The system it's designed to work at a max. Pressure of 130 bars.

 The operating and control device can be positioned at a convenient point for the operator, independent of the location of the system.
 The brake system doesn't work by friction or by pneumatic activation, it works by hydraulic pressure, that it's produced by means of the strangulation of the oil inside the hydraulic motors. This pressure generates heat that it's dissipated by means of a cooler dimensioned according to the system.

 In manual mode, the braking torque fixed by the operator remains constant during the work, independently from the weight of the papers or from the speed of the machine. We have a constant tension in every situation occurred during the production.

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