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OTOMAT PREMIUM. 5 Axes Double-Wheel Complete Face and Top Grinder in One Cycle

ARTI-BILEME show their NEW Double-Wheel Face and Top Grinder in One Cycle


ARTI BILEME the brand that we represent, show us in the last editon of LIGNA +, their new solutions for grind.

We can saw their new Otomat PREMIUM, an easy and fast double wheel grinder, able to guarantee a smooth top and face grinding for all types of tooth profiles on T.C.T. circular saws in only one cycle. Built in one central construction, PC controlled, and with 5 servocontrolled axis.

Another of the most interesting machine was the PNK-AC-CNC, a HSS circular saws grinder. We can say is  technological advanced and with an incredible price.

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